New Project News

Haven’t been updating this site enough. Shame on me. More stories coming soon but for now an update on my latest projects with 90th Parallel Productions.


The Brain’s Way of Healing: we’re adapting Dr. Norman Doidge’s bestselling book into a documentary for CBC’s The Nature of Things. Filming is almost complete and the rough cut is underway. Terrific stories about people dealing with traumatic brain injuries, Autism, MS, Parkinson’s Disease and brain defects at birth.


The Tea Explorer: following the amazing adventures of tea fanatic Jeff Fuchs as he traces the old tea trade routes through the Himalayas. We shot this film last fall in China and Nepal and we’ll get to the editing at 90th once the Brain film is put to bed. The Tea Explorer is being produced for Bruce Cowley at the Documentary Channel.

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Secrets of the Ice: as yet this one is only in development but we’re really hoping it gets green lit soon. This film is about climate change and archeology: ancient ice patches are melting and disgorging incredible human artifacts. The story centres on the Yukon, where this new science was born, but it will also take us to Alaska, Scandinavia and Austria.