I’m currently finishing the edit on THE TEA EXPLORER, easily one of my favourite projects ever. Last year Mike Josselyn and I traveled to China and Nepal to film along the Ancient Tea Horse Road with Jeff Fuchs.


THE TEA EXPLORER is produced by 90th Parallel Production in Toronto for The Documentary Channel. It will be on air sometime next year and we’re going to try and get it entered in a bunch of festivals so stay tuned.

THE TEA EXPLORER is directed, written, produced and filmed by me with Mike doing sound. Geoff Matheson is the editor.

Also in production, SECRETS OF THE ICE, another really cool story produced by 90th. We head to the Yukon and Norway to see how climate change is affecting archeology: ancient never-before-seen hunting tools are melting out, rewriting the history of human hunters going back up to 10,000 years. This film will be on CBC The Nature of Things in the fall of 2017 — just going into editing.

SECRETS OF THE ICE is directed, written and produced by me. DOP of Mike Grippo and main location sound is Mike Josselyn. Additional photography by Øystein Moe and sound by Stian Eriksen. Geoff Matheson is editing, as per usual.

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Please check back for more soon …