SKINHEAD: A new film and the meaning behind the word.

Note: picture above are Shane Duncan and Dom Ratz, NOT real skinheads but sweet guys who helped us with re-enactments in SKINHEAD. “American History X” probably has more to do with the modern interpretation of a skinhead than anything other scrap of North American culture. In the 1998 movie Edward Norton plays a neo-Nazi poster […]

Going Back North, Again, To Film Secrets From The Ice

In 1986, I measured the distance from where I lived on Alexander Street to the Taku (the venerable, long-extinct watering hole now replaced by Coast Mountain Sports) and then the distance from where I lived to Fish Lake Road, and I convinced myself that since the Taku was much closer I should go there, instead […]


We’ve got two new documentaries on CBC this coming month — SECRETS FROM THE ICE on The Nature of Things November 19th at 8:00 and SKINHEAD on CBC Docs POV November 26th at 9:00. We shot SECRETS in the Yukon and Norway last year — amazing journeys into the mountains, searching for ancient artifacts melting […]


Our new 90th Parallel doc for CBC The Nature of Things airs 8:00 PM, Sunday November 19th in Canada. Secrets From the Ice is about climate change and archeology — how melting ice is revealing never-before-seen human artifacts, some of them thousands of years old. Stunning photography, incredible scenes, terrific story.   CBC page is […]


New Project News

Haven’t been updating this site enough. Shame on me. More stories coming soon but for now an update on my latest projects with 90th Parallel Productions. The Brain’s Way of Healing: we’re adapting Dr. Norman Doidge’s bestselling book into a documentary for CBC’s The Nature of Things. Filming is almost complete and the rough cut […]

Dr. William Gregg, October 15 1930 – June 18 2000

This is a Lives Lived column I wrote for the Globe and Mail after my Dad died. He passed 15 years ago today.  WILLIAM ALLAN MacKAY GREGG ANDREW GREGG Andrew Gregg July 21, 2000 Farmer, veterinarian, historian, collector and builder, born Oct. 15, 1930, in Toronto. Died June 18, in Kenmore, N.Y., from a pulmonary […]


IN the summer of 2014 Parks Canada archeologists finally found one of Sir John Franklin’s ships. The last time anyone outside of the Arctic saw Franklin or his 128 men alive was 170 years ago. The Erebus and the Terror,  legendary bomb ships that the British Navy had refitted for severe Arctic service, were spotted […]

  Watch my New 90th Parallel film on CBC Doc Zone October 9th at 9:00 PM Anybody who’s ever watched ‘Cool Hand Luke’ has a pretty good idea about prisons in Texas. They’re tough, they’re hot and there are a lot of them — 109 in fact, filled with 150,000 inmates. Compare that to Canada, […]


I’m a published photographer again! Two shots for a profile of my pal Jeff Fuchs, from todays Financial Times of London. Financial Times