The Last Nomads is available on Vimeo

Our film The Last Nomads is available for viewing on 90th Parallel’s Vimeo Channel: Of all the documentaries we’ve made this one might be the best. It tells of Ian Mackenzie’s attempts to capture the disappearing Penan culture before logging clears them out of their forest home. It’s a race against time–and it’s very emotional.

Desert Lions

I got to come in as a post-production editorial guy on this is excellent. I was suspicious at first, since it was being done inside DND. But after the first viewing of the rough cut I was hooked. Mike Vernon did an excellent job...and he did the whole thing. By Andyread more >>

We Will Remember Them

With this project, we go beyond the static photographs and news headlines and get to know the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Geologic Journey 2 (two)

Explore the geoilogic change which have shaped the world as we know it through the five part CBC series.

The Science of the Mind

There’s something about the inherent tolerance of Buddhism that is inherently attractive. It’s totally non-judgmental. There’s no notion of sin, there’s no notion of good and evil, there’s only ignorance and suffering. And this is the most important thing, it places all emphasis on compassion; you do not embrace negativity. Buddhism asks the fundamental question: […]

The Adventurers series (all four)

The intriguing four-part series The Adventurers is about maverick explorers searching for vanishing populations, lost cultures and hidden cities – proving that there are people and places out there that the rest of us are barely aware of.

Locked Horns (clip)

The Wayfinders (clip)