Skinhead (CBC Docs POV)
Secrets From the Ice (CBC The Nature of Things)
The Tea Explorer (The Doc Channel)
The Brain’s Way of Healing (CBC Nature of Things)
Imagining Canada (The Doc Channel)
Franklin’s Lost Ships (CBC Nature of Things/PBS NOVA/CH 4)
State of Incarceration (CBC Doc Zone)
Wind Rush (CBC Doc Zone)
The Norse: An Arctic Mystery (CBC Nature of Things/NRK)
Act Two (Rogers/Citytv)
We Will Remember Them (CBC)
Geologic Journey 2: The Collision Zone (CBC/National Geographic/Discovery Science)
Geologic Journey 2: Tectonic Europe (CBC/National Geographic/Discovery Science)
Tattoo Odyssey (Bravo/Smithsonian/The Doc Channel)
The Adventurers Series (CBC, Arte):
• The Last Nomads
• The Everlasting Oasis
• A Story Told in Stone
• The Lost People of the Baja
Geologic Journey: The Rockies (CBC)
Light at the Edge of the World series (History Television/National Geographic/ Smithsonian):
• The Science of the Mind
• Hunters of the Northern Ice
• The Wayfinders
• Sacred Geography
They Built the Railway series (History Television):
• A Grand Idea Through an Unknown Wilderness
• The Czars of the CPR
• The Gates of Hell
• Life is Held Too Cheap
Locked Horns (CBC)
The Abiding Liberal: The Life and Times of John Kenneth Galbraith (CBC)
Sit Down and Shut Up: Don Messer’s On (CBC)
The Cold Embrace (Discovery/CTV)
Wade Davis: Explorer (CBC)
Studio: Alex Colville (CBC)
Susan Aglukark: Polarities
Canada: A People’s History Ep. 1(CBC)
The Life and Times of Robert Bateman (CBC)
Last Chance Creek (Discovery)
The Life and Times of Christopher and Mary Pratt (CBC)